How all-new Picanto can protect our customers?

April 12th, 2011 Posted in Kia Vehicles,R&D   

  • By Chul-Hee Hu & Yung-Seok Kim
    Senior Researcher/Researcher
    Body Design 1 Team/Chassis Design 1 Team

Hi guys, today we want to share about the cutting-edge technology used in the safety features of the stylish and unique all-new Picanto. To make all-new Picanto safer, the high-tensile material has been applied to strengthen the center pillars. The addition of VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) for compact cars has made the all-new Picanto more intelligent, in terms of safety.



All-new Picanto comes with improved side-impact protection, thanks to a higher percentage of ultra high-tensile steel (980Mpa) with ring-shaped reinforcing loops within the B- and C-pillars. The body shell is also lighter, leading to improved fuel efficiency.



The high-tensile steel (400MPa) has been used for the previous model’s center pillar due to the technical limitations when forming the materials needed. However, for the new Picanto, ultra high-tensile steel that was cold press-formed has been used to maintain the previous model’s structure but strengthen the vehicle by two times what it used to be. This reduces the weight and strengthening the vehicle. It will achieve an overall level 1 of the Korean New Car Assessment Program (KNCAP) with its improved protection.

※ Note: Pa is the SI unit of pressure. To find out more about Pascal, click here (Click)



I am sure that there were times when too much snow or rainy weather discouraged you from driving. So, I am glad to tell you that the all-new Picanto comes with Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), which ensures that the vehicle drives safely on wet and slippery roads.



The VSM is a safety feature that is activated on uneven surfaces when the car stops, by maintaining the stability of the vehicle and reducing the braking distance.

VSM works by taking into consideration the readings from the vehicle’s yaw rate, gravity sensor, wheel speed sensor and steering wheel angle sensor. By accurately assessing the car’s driving condition and the driver’s steering wheel condition, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Motor Driven Power Steering Wheel (MDPS) come into action when needed, preventing the car from slipping and ensuring safe driving.

Especially when the driver puts on the brakes suddenly or accelerates quickly on uneven surfaces of icy and asphalt roads, VSM provides assistance to the driver for safe driving. The small but a vital safety feature, VSM makes safe driving possible, on dependable all-new Picanto.

Thank you for your reading and we will comeback with more information about the all-new Picanto soon!

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