What it is!

Driving with Kia just got greener. We’re introducing our EcoDynamics fuel saving technology across certain models within our range.

The first of which is the eco-friendly and award-winning 1.6 CRDi cee’d 2 EcoDynamics with smart, cutting-edge Intelligent ‘Stop and Go’ technology, which allows the engine to switch off when the car is at a standstill and in neutral, with the clutch pressed down.

The benefits to you

As a company car driver or fleet manager, you’ll be conscious of taking positive steps to reduce your carbon footprint as well as looking to get the best value from your business choice.

Our cee’d  EcoDynamics has low CO₂ emissions and seriously low fuel consumption, making it good for the environment as well as having competitively low running costs.

To find out more about the tax savings and fantastic whole life costs on this model, please contact the Kia Business Centre on 0845 121 0833.

See which cars carry our EcoDynamics technology



Our cee’d is the ideal fleet solution, with low emissions and tax saving benefits

Go green with Cee’d

The New Picanto

More information on the all-new Picanto EcoDynamics model to follow soon!

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  1. Anders Koch

     /  March 4, 2012

    A rumor says that the Kia Picanto can be converted to E85. Is it right?
    I’m living in Sweden.


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