Kia Cup

The International Final of the KIA CUP 2011 in Argentina: An unforgettable experience!

Teammates on the field and friends in life, the seven winners of the KIA CUP lived a daydream since last Thursday by participating in the International Final in Buenos Aires! Let us tell you about their fabulous trip: Day 1 / Arrival of Thursday 21 and Friday, July 22 The appointment was given …

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The Warriors won the National Final Team KIA CUP 2011

1000 players and 140 teams later, the second edition of the KIA CUP rendered its verdict on May 29, at the castle of Hailsham, real headquarters of Bordeaux. The formation of the Warriors Team consists of seven friends lifted the cup after a series of victories through no fault. At the end of the tournament …

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The Kia Cup of passage in Rennes

Written by:  KIA FRANCE  on Apr 07, 2011 in  Kia Cup

screenshot 2011-08-24 at 9.18.50

The Kia Cup was visiting Rennes for a stage race. The event was filmed and thanks to the Kia blog, you can relive for 3 minutes to the rhythm of the whistle, strikes, hooks, step-overs leg of the course and good humor prevailed.

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The first step in KIA CUP at Rennes

Written by:  KIA FRANCE  on March 30, 2011 in  Kia Cup

KIA CUP - match

Saturday, March 26, Rennes hosted the first step in KIA CUP 2011. At the end of the day, the FC Goal is output first team qualified for the National Final of the KIA CUP 2011. For this stage, 24 teams had made an appointment to Soccer5 Cap Malo to win the qualifying …

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