Fun and Games

We’ve brought together all of the fun stuff that we have created for different models and competitons into one place, so it’s easy to find and keep playing. We’ll be adding more over time so keep checking back to see what’s new.

Kia Stick Cricket Screengrab

Kia Oval Stick Cricket

In partnership with Surrey Cricket and our friends at the Kia Oval, we have created the Surrey All Stars Game which is a variation of the legendary Stick Cricket game. Hit as many runs as you can in 10 overs at the Kia Oval and see if you can get on the leaderboard.

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Kia driving game screenshot

Top Gear track

If you’ve always wanted to be the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ and test your skills on the Top Gear track then here’s your chance! It’s just for fun now as the competition has closed but why don’t you see how fast you can get the Kia cee’d around the Top Gear track?

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Kia Venga Escape screenshot

Venga Escape

We created this remake of a classic arcade game featuring our very own Kia Venga. The competition has now closed so it’s just for fun but why don’t you see what score you can get? Escape small spaces now with the Kia Venga – be warned though, it’s addictive game play!

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